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BiOVE Labs | 바이오브 랩스 by 바이오브 BiOVE is a bio-imagineering startup that endears and embraces multiple disciplines across XR-based biotech and bioart. And by doing so, we aim to push forward the boundaries.

바이오브 BiOVE’s R&D is dedicated to the humanity’s well-being along with the bio-diverse and neuro-diverse welfare.

For this, we design, develop, and evaluate systems for 1) medical, rehabilitative, and therapeutic experiences, 2) active aging via self-expression and self-regulated learning.



BiOVE is continuing on XR-based therapeutic experiences in the context of “Futures of Listening”

Accepted, ARbility: Re-Inviting Older Wheelchair Users to In-Store Shopping via Wearable AR, Springer VR (SCI Q1, IF:6.91), 2022



BiOVE is sponsoring Project Koko Killing Island by Crypton🪐
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art(MMCA) Korea & Hyundai Motor Company

Review on AR-based Assistive Device for Arts Exhibition at 《MMSR》(2022)
아트인컬처 6월호 Art in Culture, June


MeduX, Metaverse Deverlop Prize – 2nd Runner-Up
Ministry of ICT, Korea Radio Promotion Association


ARbility, SK Creative Challange – Silver Prize
SK Telecom, SK UX-HCI Lab, SK Telecom AI Center


XeRapy: XR as Sensorimotor and Social Therapy Accessible for Older Adults
Yeom, I., accepted at 2022 Nature Conference presented by Nature Medicine, Springer Nature

Chandra X, WebXR & 3D Performative Apparatus-Environment, Yeom, I., Jang, S., accepted at SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 Art Gallery

Tele-consent using mixed reality glasses (NREAL) in pediatric inguinal herniorrhaphy: a preliminary study, Yun, WG., Youn, J., Ko, D., Yeom, I., Joo, HJ., Kong, HJ., Kim, HY., Scientific Reports, Springer Nature, 2022

Augmented Reality-Based Visual Cue for Guiding Central Catheter Insertion in Pediatric Oncologic Patients, Youn JK, Lee D, Ko D, Yeom I, Joo HJ, Kim HC, Kong HJ, Kim HY, World Journal of Surgery, 2022

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