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Imposter Kitchen speculates on “aging” as a stake-holding experience at a fine-dining restaurant featuring open-plan kitchen. At each table in the restaurant sits a group of patient caregivers, researchers and engineers, entrepreneurs and investors, animal rights activists, and more. For these guests, the kitchen would open up its pseudo-surgical process of aging steaks as a spectacle to enjoy with.

At Imposter Kitchen, audiences are invited to serve across guest tables the course meals made of different aging techniques. In the course, the stakes of each stakeholder group would be transferred or mediated to another via the audiences. With the audiences’ performative engagements, this work explores some contemporaneous possibilities where seemingly conflicting interests reconnect and coexist with one another.


  • 2022.11 Headquarted at Artience Daejeon, Daejeon
  • 2022.11 Branched in Koko Killing Island, previewed as a part of 《PROJECT HASHTAG: Koko Killing Island》, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts Korea (MMCA Korea)
  • 2022.12 Branched in Space:illi, Seoul
  • 2023.03 Branched in Platform-L, Seoul

Interview with CPO

Meet Inhwa Yeom, the Chief Performance Officer (CPO) of Imposter Kitchen, a rapidly growing restaurant chain known for its innovative approach to the arts of aging techniques. As the CPO, Inhwa is responsible for overseeing and managing the performance of the company, including operations, sales, marketing, and customer experience.

With a strong background in performance strategies and management, Inhwa brings a data-driven approach to her role and works closely with the executive team to ensure that the company is meeting its objectives and continuously improving its performance. Her leadership in developing and implementing 3D Performative Apparatus-Environment and best practices enables Imposter Kitchen to optimize its operations, enhance the customer experience, and achieve its goals for growth and profitability.

Headquarters & Branches


  • Culinary: responsible for developing and executing the company’s menu, and for managing the kitchens and chefs
    • Executive Chef (Chef de Cuisine): responsible for overseeing the kitchen staff, menu development, and food quality
    • Sous Chef: responsible for assisting the Executive Chef and managing the kitchen staff
    • Line Cooks: responsible for preparing and cooking food according to recipes and standards
    • Prep Cooks: responsible for preparing ingredients and assisting the line cooks
  • Human Resources: Nakyung Kim, Sukyung Hwang, responsible for managing the company’s workforce, including recruiting, hiring, and benefits
  • Marketing: Daechan Heo, responsible for promoting the company’s brand and products, and for managing customer relationships
  • Affliate Marketing: Je un Park, wrote critical review on Imposter Kitchen with sponsorship from Space:illi branch, and promoted the Kitchen as a virtual Youtuber.
  • Information Technology: Seogsung Jang, responsible for managing the company’s computer systems, networks, and software
  • Restaurant Staff: Responsible for delivering exceptional food and service to customers. This includes managers, chefs, servers, and other restaurant staff.

Featured Reviews

  • 2023, Je un Park, “임포스터 키친 : 롤플레잉 그리고 룰 브레이커 (Imposter Kitchen : The Role-Playing and Role-Breaker)(in Korean)” (to be published), with supports from Space:illi
  • 2023, 이도준, “염인화 개인전 《임포스터 키친》(Inhwa Yeom Solo Exhibition 《Imposter Kitchen》)(in Korean)” 더원미술세계(The One Artworld), Vol 10, February 2023
  • 2023, 혜니버스, “임포스터 키친, 고령화 사회의 아이러니 (Imposter Kitchen, The Irony of an Aging Society)(in Korean)”
  • 2022, Inhwa Yeom, “3D 퍼포머티브 장치-환경의 비평적 가능성(The Art-Critical Possibility of 3D Performative Apparatus-Environment)(in Korean)”, with supports from Art Critic Jeongeun Oh & Arts Council Korea (ARKO)


Inhwa Yeom
Inhwa Yeom
Research Director at BiOVE | CPO at Imposter Kitchen

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